York Pride AGM 2021

Your chance to get involved and make a difference!

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 1st September 2021 at 7:30pm atImpossible Wonderbar & Tea Rooms, St Helen’s Square, York, YO1 8QN.

York Pride is entirely run by a small group of unpaid enthusiastic volunteers. If you fancy getting more involved in York Pride 2022, our AGM is the best and easiest way to start, whether as an all-round Pride Ambassador or you’d like to jump right in and stand for a full officer’s role.

If you’ve got a specific skills or experience you can bring – perhaps you’re an events expert or fab fundraiser; can strike a sponsorship deal or write cutting-edge copy – we’d love to hear from you!

Full descriptions of the Committee Roles can be found here

York Pride Committee Roles

Director Roles

Chair & Event Director
Help build strong relationships within the team, to provide the committee with direction, and a development plan for the year ahead. Chair committee meetings. To be ultimately responsible for all liabilities of the committee.
This role is taken in addition to another role.

Vice Chair
To support the Chair in all aspects of the Chair’s role. To act, confidentially, as a critical friend to the Chair, providing frank guidance and feedback when necessary. Chair meetings in the Chairs absence.
This role is taken in addition to another role.

To produce agendas ahead of meetings in conjunction with the Chair, take accurate minutes at meetings and ensure they are distributed in a timely manner to the committee.

To maintain an overview and provide sound management of the finances of York Pride, to promote value for money and sound investment in order to assist officers in advancing the objects of York Pride. Provide a financial report, including an up-to-date account balance to officers at committee meetings and to prepare accounts to be scrutinised by both internal and external parties on request.

Community Events Director
Oversee, plan and facilitate a wide range of York Pride branded community events. These should be inclusive and diverse with a view to running on a breakeven/not for profit basis. But engaging with a wide spectrum of the community. To support the fundraising and events officer in delivering their fundraising driven events.

Fundraising & Events Director
Oversee, plan and facilitate a wide range of York Pride branded events. These should be inclusive and diverse with a strong focus on raising funds to help with funding for the main York Pride event. To support the community events officer in delivering their community driven events.

Sponsorship & Fundraising Director
To oversee grant applications and source new possibilities for funding and sponsorship from charities, businesses and individuals. A close working relationship with Stalls and Parade teams is important so they are aware what has been offered to sponsors.

Parade Director
To oversee the organisation/logistics of the parade as part of the summer Pride event. To liaise with City of York Council, North Yorkshire Police and any other relevant bodies to ensure the appropriate legal road closures are in place. Overall responsibility for the parade on the day. To manage the parade sub group to ensure the smooth running of the parade.

Volunteer Director
To organise, recruit, train and involve volunteers to support the York Pride festival and Parade. Working with the Parade & Stalls team to ensure volunteers are available when required.

Stage Director
To actively seek new acts for all major Pride events, to seek a detailed list, including costings and requests, of potential acts including hosts (both local and household names) for the stage at major Pride events, for approval by the officers ahead of the line-up confirmation and book accordingly.

Stalls & Logistics Director
To seek new stallholders, as well as ensuring the return of previous attendees as directed by the committee. To seek a detailed list of quotes for infrastructure needed for major pride events (such as toilets, fencing etc.) for the committee to approve, and book as appropriate. To ensure all stallholders sign appropriate paperwork, are briefed accordingly and to ensure payments for stalls are made.

Press & Publicity Director
To oversee and undertake the management of all media interest in York Pride, to promote Pride activities, campaigns and events. Provide a strong grasp of both written and spoken English and demonstrate both tenacity and determination, particularly when faced with negative attitudes or rejection as necessitated by the nature of the position. In this context, to provide text and copy for use in Pride media, marketing and fundraising/sponsorship activities and campaigns. Oversee the general direction for York Pride Social Media dividing up social media workload with the rest of the marketing team.

Design & Branding Director
To design and create all York Pride branded materials & artwork. Working closely with the marketing team and working to occasional tight deadlines. The candidate should be open to feedback from other members of the committee. Previous experience in this type of role is paramount – examples of work would be desirable.

Website, E-Commerce & Wristband Scheme Director
Working closely with the marketing team to ensure the York Pride website and online shop is kept up to date.  Taking ownership to deliver the York Pride wristband scheme & liaise with and expand stockists of York Pride Merchandise & ensure merchandise is accounted for on a sale or return basis.

Accessibility & Inclusion Director
To advise the committee on ensuring our events are accessible and inclusive to everyone. Offering potential solutions and actions on how to make York Pride as inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible. Focus on any specific grants and funding opportunities that are available to implement recommendations is also a key element of the role. This role also oversees the work of the Gender Diversity Ambassador and the BAME Ambassador.

Deputy Director Roles

Deputy Parade Director – Logistics
To work with the Parade Director to ensure the Parade is a successful and enjoyable part of the Pride day.

Deputy Parade Director – Participation
To actively seek and attract new and existing charities, organisations, political parties, companies and statutory bodies to participate in the parade. To secure necessary visual elements required for a parade (floats, giant flag, drummers etc.). To organise the line-up and order of the parade liaising with other committee members to achieve this EG. Sponsorship Director.

Deputy Stalls & Logistics Director
To work with the Stalls and Logistics Director to deliver a well-planned, and well attended festival site.

Deputy Stage Director
To assist the stage Director as required.

Deputy Sponsorship & Fundraising Director
To assist the Sponsorship & Fundraising Director as required.

Deputy Press & Marketing Director
To assist the Press & Marketing Director as required.

Pride Ambassador Roles

Parade Ambassador
To support the Parade Sub Group to deliver a successful York Pride Parade.

Community Engagement Ambassadors (2 required)
To support the Parade Sub Group to deliver a successful York Pride Parade, the emphasis on this role is to engage with local businesses along the route, City of York Council, York BID, Make It York & Visit York.

Stalls Ambassadors (2 required)
To work with the Stalls and Logistics officer and Deputy Stalls and Logistics Officer on the York Pride festival site, both pre event planning and on the day running of the site.

Schools Ambassador
To work with local schools as the main point of contact for their involvement with York Pride.

Gender Diversity Ambassador
To work with the Accessibility & Inclusion Director and the Gender Diverse/Trans community to ensure our events are inclusive and representative and offer suggestions on how to improve the Gender Diverse/Trans Inclusiveness of York Pride.

BAME Ambassador
To work with the Accessibility & Inclusion Director and the BAME community to ensure our events are inclusive and representative and offer suggestions on how to improve the BAME Inclusiveness of York Pride.

Pride Ambassador (Number required flexible)
To support in general areas, as required, throughout the year.

For more details or if you have a questions please email info@yorkpride.org.uk or call 07545 258723.

We are always looking for new people to get involved; even if you don’t get or don’t want a full role you are more than welcome to attend meetings and contribute to York Pride 2022.

In order to help with the administration of holding the AGM virtually please fill in this form to register your interest in a role! https://forms.gle/N7YHUv5CBjU8Pr366

If you are interested in a role please get in touch before the AGM by emailing info@yorkpride.org.uk calling 07545 258723.