Following our official Pride launch on 9th May at St John University (many thanks to YSJ for hosting our launch and providing refreshments again this year) we are pleased to announce our Raise Your Rainbow theme is back for 2016.

Raise your Rainbow is about helping to make York and North Yorkshire one of the friendliest places to be LGBT by proudly displaying a rainbow for the week of York Pride (12th – 19th June 2016)

Looking back to Raise Your Rainbow 2015


2015 was a great year for Raise Your Rainbow but we want 2016 to be even bigger we have 3 ideas for this:

Higher, Faster and Longer!
Raise your rainbow like an Olympian! 

Can you raise your rainbow in an incrEDIBLE way?
Organise a staff Rainbow “bake off” or just bake your rainbows for fun!
Frame your Rainbow!
Contact to request a frame for your business or organisation

Not only can you Celebrate York Pride 2016 and LGBT life with our frames you can take 13226762_1085466814844978_5027907643643821883_nyour own #raiseyourrainbow selfie to share with the world! We want to show that LGBT people – in all of our diversity – are much valued and visible part of the community across our area and beyond.

Join in with our #raiseyourrainbow theme and show your support by taking a rainbow-themed selfie – and post it to your facebook and on twitter via #raiseyourrainbow. Take your pic in front of a local landmark if you like. Take it with your workmates to show the support of your business or organisation. Take it with a hand written message about why Pride is important to you. It’s your choice. It doesn’t matter where you live or even whether you are LGBT yourself – just please join in and share the rainbow love at #raiseyourrainbow

To download our “Why Pride is Important to me” sign/template please click here

However you Raise Your Rainbow remember to Share your Rainbow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we are @Yorkpride and the hashtag is #RaiseYourRainbow