Hold Hands with Pride will be the theme of York Pride 2017, the charity has announced. Supporting York Pride’s continuing Raise Your Rainbow ethos, the theme intends to shed light on the difficulty LGBT individuals face when deciding whether they feel comfortable enough to hold their partner’s hand in public.

Greg Stephenson, Chair of York Pride, said: “The theme takes a very small, intimate part of people’s lives and uses it to illuminate the broader issues that LGBT individuals face. Holding your partner’s hand in public should be second nature, and everyone should feel comfortable when doing so. However, for LGBT individuals this is not always the case. Same-sex couples often get stared at, commented upon, or laughed at when showing this affection in public, and this has a range of consequences from upset, anxiety, and shyness.’

With York recently being named as the UK’s first Human Rights City, York Pride hopes to see various organisations support the theme and hold hands with York Pride to support the diversity and inclusivity the charity champions. As part of the Raise Your Rainbow initiative, York Pride hopes that businesses, charities, and other establishments will fly a rainbow flag in the run up to Pride on Saturday 10th June.

Last year, York Pride had its most successful year to date. It was the highest attended York Pride ever, with an estimated 8000 people attending the Parade and Main Event throughout the day, and the charity looks forward to seeing Pride grow and expand even more in 2017.

This year, York Pride will take place on Saturday 10th June.