Closure of York LGBT History Month Charity

York LGBT History Month a registered charity in York has closed for good; owing to capacity issues within the charity. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and trans, they also represent all other marginalised sexual orientations and gender identities that fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

The charity has been a visible force within the city. They were one of four charities (the rest being York LGBT Forum, York Civic Trust, Church Conservation Trust) who organised the first rainbow plaque in the country! Which is a plaque for Anne Lister. This will leave a lasting legacy in the city. They also organise York LGBT History Month each February. In 2020 they had over 30 events in their programme and it was well attended.

The decision of dissolution was made at the charity’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Although this was not an easy decision for the trustees to make, they understood that it was the only way forward.

Lead Coordinator Jake Furby “It is with a heavy heart that we have to close York LGBT History Month, it has been a great project to be involved with and to celebrate LGBTQ+ history in York. York has a fascinating history and marginalised people are often ignored or forgotten. York LGBT History Month mission was to correct this and with a small team we have achieved this. I would like to thank all our volunteers who made this happen over the years and our sponsors.”

But this is not the end. At the AGM the decision was made that York Pride would continue to manage and co-ordinate the programme of events going forward as part of their ongoing activities.

Greg Stephenson, Chair & Event Director of York Pride “We were deeply saddened to hear of the decision that the York LGBT History Month charity was to close, we felt it was important for us to step in and keep the annual programme of events running. As a volunteer run charity ourselves we know the challenges in recruiting new volunteers to keep momentum but with a committee of 20+ we feel are well placed to co-ordinate York LGBT History Month in the coming years.”

The plan had been for York Pride to take over the curation of events from February 2021; but given the uncertainty around COVID19 the York Pride committee have decided to postpone this years’ History Month event and bring York LGBT History Month back for February 2022, when hopefully, relaxed restrictions will mean physical events can be enjoyed by all!