Healthcare provider Benenden is to sponsor the York Pride Community Pot for 2017.

As part of the community strand of its core strategies, the York Pride Community Pot provides one-off donations between £100 and £300 to registered charities and non-for-profit organisations to further benefit the LGBT community of York and North Yorkshire. The most recent beneficiary of the community pot was Pride in Diversity, a charity who organises Harrogate Pride. Poppy Winks, Secretary for Pride in Diversity, said that ‘we are so grateful to York Pride for this funding. As this is our first year, funding is something we are really relying on. We will spend the money on acts for our Party in the Park and also it will help us to produce a commemorative Pride in Diversity festival booklet’

Time Out York has also received funding from York Pride’s Community Pot. William Roche, Chair of Time Out York, said: “’TimeOutYork is a community group working on projects for social inclusion among the LGBTI asylum seekers in our community. We give practical support and provide advocacy through the difficult time of asylum application where local prejudice, poverty and fear are very real factors. With York Pride’s help, we are able to bring more LGBTI asylum seekers to Pride Day this year, to meet our community and help build contacts and resilience in a very difficult period for them. We would like to thank Pride for understanding this.”

Chair of York Pride, Greg Stephenson commented: ‘It is great to see Benenden once again supporting York Pride. We have worked with the organisation for several years, and to have them sponsor this facet of our charity which really supports the broader LGBT community in York and North Yorkshire feels like the perfect next step in our relationship.’

Claire Hetherington, CSR and Engagement Co-ordinator at Benenden said: “We’ve been supporters of York Pride for a number of years and have been inspired by the work they do to promote equality and inclusivity in the city and beyond; this is why we’ve decided to sponsor the York Pride Community Pot, as it is a project which fits with Benenden’s values of equality and fairness and demonstrates how proud we are to be open to everyone.”

“We’re really excited to be involved in the York Pride Community Pot this year and we’re looking forward to seeing all of the applications from the wider LGBT community groups. This initative will really support our programme of engaging with wider community projects.”

Last year, York Pride had its most successful year to date. It was the highest attended York Pride ever, with an estimated 8000 people attending the Parade and Main Event throughout the day, and the charity looks forward to seeing Pride grow and expand even more in 2017. With York recently being named as the UK’s first Human Rights City, York Pride hopes to see various organisations support its Hold Hands with Pride theme for 2017 and support the charity in celebrating the diversity and inclusivity it champions. As part of the Raise Your Rainbow initiative, York Pride hopes that businesses, charities, and other establishments will fly a rainbow flag in the run up to Pride on Saturday 10th June.

To apply to the Community Pot please click here.