York Pride is a large event that sees over 10,000 people come together to celebrate the large and diverse LGBT+ population in York and North Yorkshire. As an organisation we thank you for your interest in trading with us as our bar provider.

PLEASE NOTE BIDS FOR  NORMAL STALLS WILL OPEN ON 1st DECEMBER 2019 – Keep an eye on our social media and website for more information.

As a large scale event we have some clear set criteria outlined, in partnership with York City Council, to promote
a safe and enjoyable event.

• We require at least one bar which must be contained within a marquee enclosed area with only one entrance and exit.
• We envisage a covered area of approx 20m x 12m minimum to be sufficient for the single area, varying sizes will be considered for multiple areas.
• Maximum capacity of any area is 500 people, this can be limited by door staff and queuing.
• The entrance to the main bar and any additional bars must be policed by 2 SIA licensed staff at all times. Staff will be provided to you by York Pride and you will be invoiced the cost of these from our security supplier in addition to your bid price.
• There will be no overnight security provided. This again can be arranged and invoiced if required. Any use of differing security companies will be considered, however, this must be detailed in writing and agreed by the committee.

We require a bar that can service our busy event with over 10,000 people across the day. As an event we only have one alcohol provider and as such we, as a committee, would need to feel confident that our provider can meet such demand. You can include multiple options for the committee to consider.

We would be asking for a pitch bid of £2500 minimum to be considered. The successful trader would be the only trader able to sell alcohol on the day. Alcohol would be sold by them under their license.

For more information please download the Bar Application pack here – Bids must be made in writing via email to will.b@yorkpride.org.uk by no later than 6pm on Sunday 16th December 2018.